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Toronto Trip Advise | Serene Life

This was my second trip to Toronto.   On my first trip which was in October 2015, I only went to malls, city halls, Art gallery of Ontario, and Toronto Island. The only thing I liked was Toronto Island. So I posted about Toronto Island only. (Click To See) My problem with the first trip was mainly that I did not search or look up for any attractions. I literally had no idea what to see. Well, It is more correct to say that I went there to see my friends and eat some Korean foods. lol 
 Actually, I am not the one who reads a guidebook before I head to the place. I usually decide to go on a trip inspired by some travel bloggers' posts, amazing photos on social media, or my friends' experiences. Luckily, now I have a good boyfriend who is passionate to travel. Since I started to traveling with him, I'd always see more than I could ever see if I traveled alone. That is also why I could write about my travel in a more organized and informative way. I'm always grateful that …

How To Korean BBQ (Vegetarian Options)

Sun's out We're out for BBQ!
1. Check-listKorean BBQ (one-burner stove (like this) + grill(like this))* - you can find at Korean grocery stores. Gas for the bbq burner (like this)Pork belly (Thicker ones are better in my opinion.) (I bought at Viandal Verdun*) Vegan Sausage (for vegetarians including me)King oyster mushrooms (sliced)Onion (sliced)Garlic (sliced)Lettuce (for wraps)Ssamjang (dip sauce)*Radish wrapsChilies (optional)Kimchi

2. Vegan Option - Vegan sausages 

- As a vegetarian having a non-vegetarian boyfriend who was keen to try Korean BBQ, I had to throw a bbq party. In fact, the reason why I could do the bbq was I knew a really good vegan sausage brand, Gusta ( hehe. 

They do have really good sausage! I mean... SO GOOD. My favorite is Italiana and I found Espanola is quite spicy. I tried other vegan sausages from different companies, but they just tasted like 'fake sausage'...literally. But this one, they made it so well! It is def…