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Vacate The Places For New Starts In July!

Yay! I am moving! Well new studio is placed in the same building. Yet, it feels great that I am moving out and making a new home.  
 June has not been passed yet. But this month was pretty like a preparing month to change and move onto somewhere. After my April chaos, I changed a lot. I learned a lot about relationships among people around me and also about very deep side of me. Basically I learned how to deal with them. I mean, dealing with any problem occurred between myself and other people and between me and myself.

Now I believe, there will be something good for me at the end in any ways.

Love from Serene.

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What I Learned From Guys!

I am writing this inspired by the article '7 Reasons You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy'.
This article is pretty brilliant. I very agree with especially 2 reasons of them in the article. I am going to write down 'Things I Learnt From Dating With Guys' citing the reasons the editor said.

1. This Is So Difficult To Meet Someone Who Genuinely Loves You. You know what? I always thought that guys I was dating with were loving me. NO THEY NEVER DID! Sadly I realized that when I did sort of breakup. It is hard to say 'breakup' because we were never in a relationship. Anyway, when I start to like someone then my emotion gets deeper so fast and I start to be deluded into thinking that me and him are being together soon. And few days later, I also think I am loving him, although it isn`t love in other`s opinions, and think he may feel in the same way as I do. If you are like me, please don`t. Please stop being a loser. I will try not to be like this again as well. Keep t…