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Seoul Trip! (21.May.2016) #Seoul

Since I no longer live in Seoul, it gets so hard to go to Seoul to see my friends. Because I live in Suncheon where is 3hrs to 4hrs far from Seoul. However I really needed to see my friend called Hyeri. Because she is my best friend who spent my very short Hongik University life. Also she is the only one who has same interests as myself, can go to shopping with me with no boredom nor awkwardness, and can support each other. 
(whisper) I have only 3 friends I think of them as the best friends.  They don`t know each other by the way. lol

- First thing first, we were so starving.. so we headed to this hambagu place on Garosu-gil(street) in Sinsa. This place is called 'Heya'. They only sell 2 types of hambagu steaks as you can see in the picture. Both are so good. Mine (brown sauce one) is very classic one. Hers was so bizarre to me in fact. Because I never saw a hambagu like that. But it was super delicious! I personally didn`t like hambagu steak because of sausage textur…

Tried Hanbok In Jeonju!

As Jeonju is getting popular to travel in South Korea, this time I headed to Jeonju to travel around with my best friend, Seoha Jung! We planned to look around 'Hanok Village' in Hanbok which is a traditional Korean dress. Hanok means the traditional Korean house by the way! You might feel Jeonju is the city having lots of historic buildings and places. Also the city is famous for BIBIMBAP! You can say Jeonju is the city of bibimbap though. haha Enjoy the photos!

* Renting rate for my hanbok which was noble women`s dress was 20,000 won (20$value) **including bag and shoes(if you need) for a hour.  However they gave us 2 hours because it was on weekday.
** only in case you pay in cash.

Also rates would be little bit different by the shops.

My Depression Story

I randomly saw this video on Facebook and it drove me all the way to write about my story here in my blog. 

My Depression Okay I am only 20 years old. And I know I am very young. However, when it comes to depression I think I have gone through with this thousand times. So I suppose I can talk about this? huh

I think it`s a chronic issue of me(and us indeed). In this modern society, almost everyone has depression on their ways. Main causes of my depression are relationship, and my future. I lately realized that whatever causes your depression, what actually makes you to get into the depression is yourself hiding real yourself.

I know it`s really hard to figure out who you really are. It would definitely take whole life. But you should know yourself. By aging and experiencing different kind of situations and cases, I learned myself. Also looking back my very young days does really help to find myself. Because people don`t change as much as you want. haha

I am Scorpio, just in case it ca…