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My Favorite App ; YODHA

Life isn`t easy. Life has hardship and also has pleasure. Whenever we get some issues in our lives, we normally get panicky and fretful. However, if there is a problem, it means there is a solution. I believe everything happening in my life is just one of my progress to reach to one point I`ve wanted to be at. Everything happens for some reasons. So, if I get into some problems, I just believe 'Okay, it doesn`t mean the end of the world. It`s just a page of my life.'

Lately, I have got so much chaos all of sudden in my life. I obviously got very stressful and was in panic. I knew the solution. However, because I have to concern all things around me and what I deal with, I tried to find another solution. Solution 1 was very simple and very certain in terms of getting the result I need. On the other hand, solution 2 and others, they are not very confident of the result, but there is also possibility to get it with them.

Objectively I don`t have to worry what to choose. That`s a…

Me On Holidays, Lessons from 2015 |Serene In South Korea

March has come already.  - My astrologer said March is pretty good month to find my love or someone else. Even if he was not right, I would rather be hoping to meet someone, whoever it`d be, and definitely be happy to meet anyone I will pass by. - Luckily, I have been resting at home real home by 13th of March. Where is in Suncheon-si(si means city),South Korea. I have been seeing my friends I missed a lot and hanging out with my family as well.
 went for hike with my family  met my lovely friend, Chaewon

 Hyejun  Sola
 and Seoha!
 Absolutely had soju too haha. It`s in fact fruit-soju. Way better than normal soju!!
 The thing I really learnt, living alone being apart from family and friends, is 'we have been taking so many things around us for granted'. We are surrounded by nature, people, buildings, cars etc. And sometimes we want to hide from everything just because we get sick of it. However, there is no hideaway unless we appreciate the things we have gotten in our lives…