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My Best Restaurants For Lunch In Montreal (so far)

It has already been 1 year I started to live in Montreal. Since I do not cook that much, I normally eat out or buy some pre-made foods. I know eating out everyday is not a good way to save my money. So, here are some casual restaurants having lots of nom and reasonable price.
Before I start to list, this is me;
1. I do not eat any kind of wraps or similar things of them. Such as taco, burrito, quesadilla (anything made with tortilla), even crapes and pancakes. Because I have a trauma and always feel disgusting when they get into my mouth.
2. I do not like greasy and too oily foods.
3. Health always matters to me.

1. Ganadara
1862 Boulevard de Maisonneuve W MontrĂ©al H3H Canada Metro : Guy-Concordia Price : 3.5/5 Taste : 4/5

Okay I am Korean. So it`s not surprising to mention a Korean restaurant first. Honestly, there is no 100% authentic Korean restaurant in Montreal. But Ganadara is pretty much close to be authentic (pro…