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[Good Movies] My Favorite Disney Movie - Ratatouille

When someone asks you which is your favorite Disney film, I pretty much sure that you will say one of the series of the Disney princesses. But mine is Ratatouille. I saw it at a theater when it was released for the first time. I was about 11 year-old girl and I watched it with my 12 year-old brother at that time. We both were so impressed by the film. Because we thought it was super cool that the rat - called Remy - could cook very well. In fact, better than people.  Recently, I missed the film so much, I watched again. Fortunately I`ve got a lot of lessons from this film. Firstly, Remy is me!! of course in a different field.  Why I feel I`m very Remy?   Remy has a talent in cooking and actually he knows himself very well. He thinks he`s different from other rats. But he doesn`t look down on them. He just thinks he is different. He is so passionate in his interest that he surely takes any risks to accomplish his dream. Even though he is a rat which is mostly impermissible thing in …

Reasonable Sunglasses Shopping Guide

If you are a student like me, you keen to wear super cool sunglasses but always do not have enough money to get them. Who doesn`t want to wear high-end sunglasses! But we should consider our money is just pocket money. Well, if you have a part time job, then it will be different though. Anyway everyone loves something bargain. So, let`s get into it!
1. Quay Australia
They have super cool specs with very affordable price (+/- 50$). Plus, apparently many fashion influencers are rocking this brand so much.  

Unfortunately, it`s a bit difficult to be shipped to Canada. I mean 'A BIT'. Because.. look.
INTERNATIONAL: NORTH & SOUTH AMERICAWe ship with USPS and your order is fully online traceable. This takes approximately 8-10 business days to arrive once its been shipped and requires a signature on arrival.Duties: Some countries may charge import duties or other random fees. Sorry, we have no control over this and it’s your responsibility …

My Favorite Designer - Christopher Kane

I love his works,
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 His pieces are always neat - it doesn`t  mean 'minimal'- and have some cute deets. Okay I`m gonna explain my word 'neat'. You know, some clothes are not finished neatly and we can see that even through our monitors. But his ones are not and besides its finishing touches, the combinations of colors and styling are also very neat. Well I love that style for the ages, because this style makes me more look smart not naughty and mostly it goes with me very well. Plus, I love when someone styles in that way too.  

Resort 16Look, there are many colors but they mixed very well. This styling and all items are based on Black color and have a point with red. So that`s also why it doesn`t look messy and unmatched. The cute deets that I said about is like that, the clutch!! I`m gonna put some captions about it. 

Shoes laces and bag`s straps

Pockets in lace and the point matching this one p…

London Collections Men SS16

London Collections Menwas just finished! It was from 12th -15th June. The shows are amazing so check them out on their sites (if you were not in London at that time like me). In fact, I`m just studying with the collections to figure out what is on our trends and to know new designers. I`m still watching all videos of collections though. Here are my faves from now on. X

Alexander McQueen (Men`s)


Christopher Shannon
His works are so amusing. He changed the conception -he made something inside to be outside, 'from bottom to top' to 'from top to bottom' and so on. 

Burberry Prorsum (Men`s)
I`ve never noticed that guys go with lace very well!!