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Summer Breeze In Montreal

Finally Real Summer came in Montreal!  Definitely Summer was not my favorite season. But since I`ve lived in Montreal, I always missed summer breeze, sun, and even sweaty armpits haha. So finally, it`s summer. It`s my first summer in Montreal, I`m so excited! I`m looking for some festivals such as rock festival, jazz festival, and so on. CAN`T WAITTT!!!

Girls In The Summer
 By the way, as a GIRL, the summer is also the most difficult weather. How difficult?What`s difficult? Why difficult? It`s better to say, there`re so much things girls have to care about in the summer. Okay, First, have you ever imagine a period in the summer? NO.. That`s worst scenario ever.. but we have to go through it. Second, for sure, DIET. Well there`re some girls who do not care about their body.. but I`m sure most girls do. Maybe more than most. haha In the summer, we should go to a beach or even if you`ll not go to the beach, you`ll wear shorts or tank top or some kind of revealing clothes because it`s fu…