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These days,

Don`t hesitate to do it.
Just do it.
Until I do not regret doing it.
Let`s go!

my birthday 16NOV2014


I always buy my own present on my birthday. so on this birthday, I bought beanie and gloves at American Apparel. I love them!!!! THAT WATCH is the present from my friend Haejoon. Many friends celebrated my birthday, I was so happy. 
About Birthday, As I`m getting older and older Birthday is not that meaningful as I was much more younger. I do not need any birthday party But the thing I really needs is just you saying - "Happy Birthday".

Black Portrait

My Black Portrait.
# 2014-11-12 #

looks BLACK
was GREEN.

Linda McCatney -

Linda McCartney

 Exhibition of Linda McCartney is held now!! 06/Nov/2014 ~ 26/Apr/2015 Actually I was in there on 5/Nov. Because I got a pre-opening invitation xx The exhibition is curated by members of her family and Daelim museum, in collaboration with Linda Enterprises Limited. 

Actually I watched "Muscle shoals" in Aus. To be honesty, it was boring. because I didn`t know about Rolling stones or Mick jagger or kind of like that. I was too young to know that. (I`m still young haha) Anyway, and also I wasn`t interested in that kind of music. so, it was boring However, after I saw the exhibition of Yoko Ono and this, Linda McCartney now I`m curious about that old pop and the atmosphere of that time they lived. !!!



Yesterday, I was in Gang-nam with my best friend Hyeon Young ! We went to BOBIRED to get some dinner. We chose it because many bloggers recommended it!

 The atmosphere was like an music bar. I`m not sure but it was kind of noisy..haha NOT QUIET 

Actually I was very hard to choose the menu. Did I tell you guys I`m trying to be vegetarian? now I`m a semi vegetarian. ( I eat egg,dairy product and fish but not meat.) so... BOBIRED was not a good restaurant for Vegetarian...:(