Toronto Trip Advise | Serene Life

This was my second trip to Toronto.   On my first trip which was in October 2015, I only went to malls, city halls, Art gallery of Ontario, and Toronto Island. The only thing I liked was Toronto Island. So I posted about Toronto Island only. (Click To See) My problem with the first trip was mainly that I did not search or look up for any attractions. I literally had no idea what to see. Well, It is more correct to say that I went there to see my friends and eat some Korean foods. lol 
 Actually, I am not the one who reads a guidebook before I head to the place. I usually decide to go on a trip inspired by some travel bloggers' posts, amazing photos on social media, or my friends' experiences. Luckily, now I have a good boyfriend who is passionate to travel. Since I started to traveling with him, I'd always see more than I could ever see if I traveled alone. That is also why I could write about my travel in a more organized and informative way. I'm always grateful that …

How To Korean BBQ (Vegetarian Options)

Sun's out We're out for BBQ!
1. Check-listKorean BBQ (one-burner stove (like this) + grill(like this))* - you can find at Korean grocery stores. Gas for the bbq burner (like this)Pork belly (Thicker ones are better in my opinion.) (I bought at Viandal Verdun*) Vegan Sausage (for vegetarians including me)King oyster mushrooms (sliced)Onion (sliced)Garlic (sliced)Lettuce (for wraps)Ssamjang (dip sauce)*Radish wrapsChilies (optional)Kimchi

2. Vegan Option - Vegan sausages 

- As a vegetarian having a non-vegetarian boyfriend who was keen to try Korean BBQ, I had to throw a bbq party. In fact, the reason why I could do the bbq was I knew a really good vegan sausage brand, Gusta ( hehe. 

They do have really good sausage! I mean... SO GOOD. My favorite is Italiana and I found Espanola is quite spicy. I tried other vegan sausages from different companies, but they just tasted like 'fake sausage'...literally. But this one, they made it so well! It is def…

Ottawa Trip Advise | Serene Life

It's been a month that I went to Ottawa with my boyfriend. It was super cold but Ottawa was yet beautiful enough to enjoy. As the weather is getting warmer, I highly recommend you to go to Ottawa in this April or May with my joyful experience.

Reason 1. National Gallery Of Canada

This art gallery is the most beautiful art gallery I have ever seen. If you are studying Architecture, you must love this place. My boyfriend and I were very ecstatic about the architecture. We even lied down on a bench together to appreciate the beautiful ceilings. 

"Whether there is an exhibition that you would like to pay for or not, this art gallery is a must-visit in Ottawa for sure." 

Reason 2.  You Can Learn History Of CanadaAt Parliament of Canada - When you visit the parliament, you better take the tour! It's free and very interesting. You get a lot of history of Canada during the tour and learn historical meaning from teeny tiny symbolical decorations in the building as well. I rea…

Vermont Trip Advice (Burlington, Waterbury, Stowe, Richmond) | Serene Life

Vermont is by far the best staycation place! Beautiful lakes, mountains, and parks...
Every nature you should enjoy in life is in Vermont!

0. What to bring with me for my Vermont trip?
Car with well-conditioned tiresSunscreenHiking shoesCamera
1. Where to stay in Vermont? Your trip starts from your accommodation. You can stay in a hotel room, but why don't you be little bit hippie for a day and absorb all the power of nature! 😆 hahaha
"I recommend you to stay in a house where has a farm or a good view. "
I stayed in an Airbnb and it was fantastic. I loved that the house was located in a lower part of a mountain. Although, because of that, the house was very cold but no matter what, it was totally worth experiencing.

When my boyfriend and I went there on 7th April.2017 to 9th April.2017. On 7th and 8th it was quite cold because of snow. But surprisingly or not, Sunday which was on 9th was very very sunny. So, all the snow was gone and was very warm. (If you never been to N…